B-eat statement on the Thigh Gap trend

After my ‘Watch the Gap: Thigh Gap’ entry, I contacted B-eat, the eating disorder charity.

They have helpfully given me a statement:

“Hardly anyone has a ‘Thigh gap’ without being underweight, or not yet fully adult. Yet, most of the pictures we see in adverts show grown women with thighs that do not meet when they stand upright. In almost every case, this is an effect of photo-shopping: it isn’t real, and it isn’t achievable in healthy ways. Our bodies come in a wonderful natural variety of shapes and sizes- we need to be able to appreciate and admire them for what they are, not waste our lives chasing a fake ideal”.

Please do follow B-eat on twitter and visit their site.

*Update* I would like to update as I have been contacted to say the above information is problematic and could cause offence. Some people do naturally have a ‘thigh gap’ and there is nothing wrong with that. Trying to get one, is unhealthy.