A Diet of Broken Biscuits – Blog Crush


Has found a blog I am a bit in love with at the moment. Emily ‘ray-z produces: http://adietofbrokenbiscuits.tumblr.com/ Do check it out!

Anyone who includes entries on Mean Girls, Elle Woods, The problems with ‘No more page 3’ and the problems with ‘Everyday Sexism’ gets my seal of approval. I have a blog crush going on.

On the No More 3 debate:
This is campaign I am finding very problematic. Emily says:

“It’s also incredibly patronising to believe that the men who look at Page 3 are incapable of understanding it for what it is. Yes, it’s an image of a woman designed to be consumed in a sexual manner. Does that mean that the men who look at and enjoy it are then only capable of looking at women in a sexual manner? No. Almost every straight man I know (and some straight women, too!) enjoys looking at boobs. Do they then treat me like my worth is based on how much they like MY boobs? No. They understand that women are complex beings who have feelings and thoughts and an inner life. These men have mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, friends. They do not objectify these women because they are not in a situation where objectification is appropriate”.

“We should also consider the autonomy of the women who pose for the photos. Much like the women in porn, who are widely claimed by anti-pornography campaigners as being “damaged” or somehow not understanding what they’re doing, Page 3 girls aren’t stupid. They’re fully aware of the choices they’re making, and they do it willingly. The choice that they make doesn’t seem to be important to the feminists who claim they want to “help women” because it’s not the ‘right’ choice”.

I love this. Emily also talks about is ‘objectification’ always unwanted? Do we not all objecify lovers?

On Elle Woods, Feminist Icon:

I LOVE Elle Woods, infact when I reactivate my Facebook account (major love-hate relationship with that site) my middle names are Elle Woods. I hate the way feminists are pressured to be what a friend recently called the “top knot and brogues brigade”. I wear fake tan, I like pink, I often come across as dippy/confused (I prefer to think of myself as eccentric, but still) but it doesn’t mean I am stupid. It doesn’t mean I am any less feminist (though am still having problems with even that term).

Emily on Elle:

“She defies stereotyping

That old spinster/whore dichotomy still haunts women today. If you fit the bounds of cultural acceptability and are judged ‘sexy’, you MUST lack intelligence, insight, determination, ambition. If you do happen to possess any of these traits, you must be a super straight-laced and serious bore with bad hair and a collection of unflattering midi skirts to rival a middle aged Maths teacher’s. And you probably wear glasses.

Elle Woods is able to fulfil both of these categories (as real human beings often tend to do). She’s a bouncy, flirty Paris Hilton-alike who lives in a sorority and owns a tiny, yappy dog, but she’s also amazingly intelligent and headstrong. She shows that unabashed femininity is not a weakness; it’s a strength”.

“Why are we pitting women against each other? Someone isn’t a better feminist, woman or human just because they have a proclivity for lipgloss and boy bands rather than flat shoes and guitars. It’s the same mentality Taylor Swift shows in her songs (she’s ‘hot’ and I’m not so I’m better than her) and it’s just another form of slut-shaming”.

On Debate: Everyday Sexism

I have been finding the Everyday Sexism campaign quite frustrating, mainly becomes it is based on a ‘continuum of violence’ ideology, which I fear reduces all women to victims, and stops actual abuse being identified.

“It’s not tackling important things,” Sarah-Louise, 23, told me. “A lot of the examples on the site, while perhaps a little offensive, are mostly petty or simply misunderstandings. I think it gives people the wrong idea of feminism.”

She continues, “It makes feminism just seem petty, erratic and basically futile, because it deals with things that aren’t really that bad. It doesn’t deal with fundamental problems nearly as much as it should. Why are we sat around talking about silly old men who are set in their ways rather than genital mutilation or rape?”

Mean Girls

Check this post out for yourselves. I don’t agree with the content, I don’t think celebs are useless, I genuinely do have an amazing array of female friends who I love dearly, and have never felt the need to be competitive or bitch about other women. I think the stereotype of women bitching is just that, if you have ever worked in a male environnment, you will see men are just as ‘bad’ if not far worse. People bitch, not women. However, the post opens up an interesting space for discussion. I frequently speak about slut-shaming, and have a blog post titled ‘Mean Girls & Slut Shaming’, and I do feel these are real issues for many women. It is also the reason I fear with the implications are for women who don’t abide with the law sets by ‘feminists’.