We Don’t Do Barbies…


I was going to write a post about #slanegirl, given that I think it is horrifying a young girl is having a drunken sexual moment buzzed around the internet and slut shamed to the point where I am worried for her wellbeing. If she is underage people are disseminating ‘child porn’. Presumably Feminist TM organisations are worried too and will make it their duty to campaign for the end of such sexual bullying? Well…no.

I predicted that after the media furore over the #losetheladsmags that Object and UK Feminista would reignite their campaign to have more lap-dancing clubs shut down. These are two powerful, media-savvy, well packaged, well marketed, perfect examples of Plastic Feminism. If you refuse to sign a petition for #losetheladsmags #nomorepage3 or to put lap-dancers out of jobs, you face supporters saying you support rape, child abuse and violence against women. These common-sense campaigns, with snazzy merchandising, are very effective in gaining unquestioning, uncritical, support.”Lap-dancing clubs are bad” “Lads’ mags are bad”. When people are told there are ‘links’ and ‘evidence’ that lap-dance clubs or glamour modelling cause rape, sure they will sign your petititon.

Uk Feminista ran #Femschool13. Alas I did not attend. However some that did attend have been reporting back. Nothing surprising, just the usual that sex workers harm all women. And there’s a nice little campaign going to close down the last lap-dancing club in York.

Only certain women appear to matter to Plastic Feminists, ‘good’ women, women who tow the line, the “top knot and brogue brigade” as it was described to me. Other women are collateral damage, they need to be saved and if they refuse they are part of the problem. I am unsure how feminism/s justify this constant action against other women, but have a trawl through twitter, facebook, tumblr, blogs and you will get an idea of how sex workers, porn performers, lap-dancers, glamour models are ‘othered’ to the point of dehumanisation.

Their existence is a threat to ‘us’ good women. Their bodies/ behaviour CAUSE violence against women. Men cannot help themselves, they cannot control themselves once they have exited a lap-dancing club, or viewed a lads’ mag. It is rape apologism. It reinforces once again that good guy/ bad guy dichotomy, as if the bad misogynst goes to lap-dancing clubs to ‘objectify’ the poor women, and the ‘respectable’ guy doesn’t go home and rape/abuse his girlfriend or wife. It doesn’t help women in the slightest, and it doesn’t resolve gender inequality.

I would love a day where a woman can be a housewife, academic, lap-dancer or mechanic and be respected and not have her choices disected, judged and diminished. A woman has autonomy over her own body.

And as for male feminists in No More Page 3 t-shirts…. please, just no.