Sex work PhD researchers


Since I started in January, I am fortunate enough to have met quite a few sex workers, researchers and key figures at conferences events and on twitter. From 1st October, I will be starting my full time studentship at Leeds Met, (though am still based in Liverpool) and am keener than ever to connect with fellow PhD students. Figuring out who other researchers are, what events to start with, what the key debates are, is very time consuming and overwhelming. So I thought I would start a page on my blog where researchers can put a few lines about themselves and their project, including contact details to get an informal sex work research network going online. This would hopefully be useful for undergraduate students also, and those in the process of writing proposals. I also propose using the twitter hashtag #sexworkresearch . This would also be an easy way to share conference information, links, journals, new books, tips etc.

If anybody wishes to link blogs or tumblr accounts,that would be great. Or if anybody would like to do a guest post on here about their research, please feel free to contact me.

The self-funded PhD I started was on Lap-dancing, Emotion and Affect, which is still a huge area of interest for me. I am more than happy to send a bibliography and/or chat to anyone studying or looking to research this area. My new funded project has the working title of ‘Sex Workers’ Experiences of Prison: From Punishment to Exiting’. This is not an exit strategy discourse, I am interested in what the relationship is (if indeed any) between a custodial sentence and deciding to leave sex work. I am very interested in visual and creative methods such as photo ethnography, and would love to hear from anybody who has used art or literature in their research. I am also very interested in using a field work diary, auto ethnography and reflexive practice; in the journey of research and not just the end product. My methodology centres around participatory action research, I am keen for my participants to be co-researchers in part of the data. If anybody has experience of this, it would be great to chat.

If anybody thinks this sounds useful or relevant, then please get in touch via comments or twitter . I know many (most!) say being a research student can be isolating, so thought this might help make interaction easier and friendlier.