Elle Woods, Professor Callahan and Sexual Harassment


This is an issue that really angers me, those in senior positions deliberately abusing their power to make unwanted contact with someone who is unable to call them out for fear of losing their job or reputation and future prospects. I have been told it’s a very unpopular topic, and it’s “just the way it is”.

A brilliant example of a professor sexually harassing a student is here as demonstrated by Elle Woods and Professor Callahan in Legally Blonde. Of course twitter and social media have opened up new portals for unwanted contact.

Sadly, it seems a common experience for many students and early career researchers. It’s a small world, and people talk.

I was very happy to hear of this research into Gender and Digital Culture which you can follow here on twitter and here on wordpress . Recognising the problems as well as advantages that digital communications have created, this study wants to explore the impact of digital media and communications on (gendered) relationships and interactions. Take the survey before it closes.

Sending unwarranted communication that make the recipient uncomfortable, powerless and intimidated is always wrong.#endsexualharassment

I would love to see the end of a misogynstic working culture where people turn a blind eye.