Group Nomination, National Ugly Mugs for the Suzy Lamplugh Trust Awards

Please nominate Alex Bryce, manager of National Ugly Mugs to win this award.


We are nominating Alex Bryce, Manager of National Ugly Mugs (NUM), for the Suzy Lamplugh Trust Awards for Personal Safety 2013, category Inspiring Individual Award.

This is a group nomination and we are asking people to give it their support.  If you or your organisation will support this group nomination please send an email to  You can just send you name, or you can also write a personal recommendation that we can attach to the main group nomination.

The closing date is 6pm on 4th October 2013.  Please email us by 3rd October 2013.

You give the Suzy Lamplugh Trust permission to use any material sent to them in the course of nominating a person for an award on their website and/or at the awards ceremony, so please don’t submit any private information.  (If you are a sex worker, please feel free to use your working name.)

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