Libraries Gave Us Power: Reading in Prison


My Phd is using Reading Aloud/ Shared Reading groups as my main method. Here I will be collecting and sharing key sources.

The impact of books and reading in prisons– The Reading Agency

The Reader Organisation- Reading In Secured Environments

‘An Evaluation of a Pilot Study of a Literature-Based Intervention with Women in Prison’ (Robinson,J. Billington, J.,2013)

An investigation into the therapeutic benefits of reading in relation to depression and well-being’ (Josie Billington, Chris Dowrick, Andrew Hamer, Jude Robinson, and Clare Williams, 2010)

Prison Reading Groups: What Books Can Do Behind Bars

Reading in prison is not a trivial story– Erwin James

The Shannon Trust

Prisoners’ Education Trust
Professor Megan Sweeney- Reading in Prison resources

Exploring Prison Librarianship

The prison book ban is not just nasty but bizarre

Take away prisoners’ books and you take away their only hope- Ricky Tomlinson

The power of words: in prison, inmates can be transformed by reading