Ph.D help

hellokittyI will update this list when I find helpful articles and blogs.

As you know from reading the blog I think it’s crucial to develop a supportive and inspiring cohort of Ph.D researchers. I am lucky enough to be part of a solid network with lift one another up and share ideas, articles, blogs, conferences, call for papers and other opportunities etc.I have become good friends with some fellow Ph.Ders and hopefully I can do a little virtual ‘paying it forward’ by sharing links here.

I recommend you look at Professor Pat Thomson’s blog.

Writing Ph.D proposals

The Blank Page: Some Writing Strategies

Twitter and blogs are not add-ons to academic research, but a simple reflection of the passion that underpins it.

Academic Juggling: PhD vs CV

The key to a successful PhD thesis? Write in your own voice
We need to step out beyond the safety of footnotes and the words of big-name scholars to reach a level of academic independence

When is it right to write?

The Perils of Blogging