One of my other research interests is race, namely whiteness. So I am starting to keep a list of resources here for those of you interested in critical race theory, racism, sociology, criminology and everything else.

This video by Akala for the Guardian is a brilliant short clip that exemplifies perfectly how everyday racism is performed and compounded by a series of micro-aggressions.

Of course whiteness retains and recirculates its power by its invisible neutral position. All other races are identified, whiteness remains hidden. Whiteness just ‘is’, it’s the default setting, seeming unworthy of critique or even identification.

This is Fox News got so angry with ‘Studies in American Literature/Culture: U.S. Race Theory & the Problem of Whiteness.’ course being offered to students at Arizona State University. This is not about ‘the problem with white people’, but rather the problem of a socially constructed system of classification that prioritises one group over all others to the point where we cannot even name it as such.

When you say you don’t see race