September 10


Ph.D submission




On the 31st of August 2016 I submitted my thesis.

There were no fireworks, corks popping, no punching the air and no real feeling of victory.

Just relief. I felt like I had a clear head for the first time in over 3 years. I needed a rest.

And then within a few hours I was worrying about viva, publications, jobs etc. There is no real ending I guess.

I am enjoying a few weeks completely off, seeing my friends, family, and catching up with myself, hobbies, voluntary work.

The Ph.D is a unique experience; it hangs over you constantly, punctuating many waking (and sleeping!) hours with a weight of guilt and urgency. This time off is giving me much needed headspace and I am feeling excited and passionate again.

My Ph.D is no masterpiece, but I finished it. There were many times throughout the three years that I thought I would quit! Instead I hung in there, and I am proud of that.

After 4 surgeries in the three years, my husband being ill, my mum being ill, and a Bipolar and a Endometriosis diagnosis, I finished!

I have met some incredible people along the way and friends I will have for life. Thank you for inspiring me and willing me to succeed. My acknowledgements were two pages long; I had a lot of thanking to do.

I hope one day I can inspire researchers the way in which many of you have inspired me.

X x x