Rachel Held Evans the famous progressive Christian writer died on May 4th 2019 aged 37 years old. I did not know Rachel, but followed her on twitter and was inspired by her writings.  Rachel was a radically inclusive Christian: the kind of teaching that brought me back to the church. The idea that all are loved and all are welcome.

These ideas shouldn’t be considered as new, because they are the teachings of Jesus. Yet sadly ‘religion’ has long blocked the ideas of love. I have had so many conversations lately with people who have said “I didn’t know that was what Christianity was about”. How wonderful that so many people, especially young people, are engaging with their beliefs of faith and their doubt, but how sad that for so long this narrative of inclusion has been sidelined and blocked.

Today I saw this quotation on social media from the famous playwright Tennessee Williams. For those not familiar with Williams, I highly recommend ‘A Glass Menagerie’ and ‘Cat On a Hot Tin Roof’ for brutal and uncomfortable explorations of sexuality and a woman’s moulded place in the world. The desperation of the characters seeps through the stage.


And this quote is so right. We need love. It is the only way we can save ourselves and one another. We must act through love and ignite the world with it.

My latest article for our church magazine is called Extending the Table and is inspired by the Bishop of Liverpool Paul Bayes’ new book ‘The Table Knowing Jesus: Prayers, Friendship, Justice’ which you can buy here.  There needs to be an outpouring of love to those at the margins. Not a tolerance, but inclusion and genuine love.

I have long believed in the principle of radical love. I have shared the post below a few times on social media over the years. We are living during an era of emptiness, social isolation and a mental health epidemic. The world needs love. The world needs kindness and support and comfort and reassurance and validation.

This time of Eastertide leading up to Pentecost is a very emotional time and one of personal growth and transformation. I am going to reflect on how I can love more, and how I can be more inclusive to those I wouldn’t ordinarily have at my table.

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gemma x