‘Real Work’ FACT Liverpool

I am very excited to be designing and delivering some sensory guided walks for FACT Liverpool/ Arts Council England.


The walks are sold out, but the link is here. You can sign up to the waiting list.


The walks are part of the ‘Real Work’ exhibition by Liz Magic Laser/ Candice Breitz.



Candice’s ‘Sweat’ series is a powerful exploration of the narratives of 15 sex workers in South Africa. You can see the exhibition at FACT Liverpool until 6th October 2019.


The videos can also be viewed online via vimeo.


I wrote in 2015 about the liminal space that I occupy as an academic and a former performer. The journal edition is open access and is available here.


Public Sociology is my passion, and ‘street teaching’ is something I would love to launch with funding.


I am excited for these events and welcome more opportunities for partnership work. Please do look at my experience. I have been involved I the sex industry since 2002.


I look forward to blogging after the events and welcome feedback from participants.


Gemma x