Crime, Justice and the Sex Industry module sources

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I run an award-winning module at the University of Liverpool called Crime, Justice and the Sex Industry. You can read more here.

Dr Gemma Ahearne gives a guided walk of SEVs November 2021- photograph taken by Jenny Graham
Guided walk of SEVs by Dr Gemma Ahearne November 2021- Image taken by Jenny Graham
Guided walk of SEVs by Dr Gemma Ahearne November 2021
Guided walk of SEVs by Gemma Ahearme, November 2021
Gemma Ahearne giving a guest lecture to LJMU Body Politics students in March 2022.
Gemma Ahearne gives a guest lecture to students at LJMU in March 2022.
Guided walk of Sexual Entertainment Venues by Dr Gemma Ahearne for LJMU Sociology, 2018
Dr Gemma Ahearne for FACT Liverpool August 2019
Dr Gemma Ahearne, October 2019

I would like to thank Professor Maggie O’Neill and Dr Alison Jobe for the inspiration and all those at the original Sex Work Research Hub who helped me to design this module. I would also like to thank the students who register on this module and learn alongside me.

I use a trauma-informed pedagogy explored here in Times Higher Education.

As a teacher with Dyslexia I use a micro-learning pedagogical approach that I write about here in THE.

I previously blogged in detail about my module here.

My staff profile is here.

You can read about my positionality as former dancer here.

In this post I will list some of the additional sources I provide students weekly in the reading and visual folders. On my module I also provide a detailed reading list and module guide. I also tweet additional sources #SOCI349.

There is also a huge Sex Worker Syllabus available here from Dr Heather Berg, Professor Angela Jones and PJ Patella Rey

I also have listed hundreds of sex work sources here on a pinnedblog post.

Week One Introduction and History of Sex Work

The Oldest Profession in the World

The 1975 French sex workers’ revolt: A narrative of influence

Introduction- prostitution in 20th century Europe

First they came for the sex workers

Harlots, Whores & Hackabouts-Dr Kate Lister video

“For Their Own Good?”: Sex work, social control and social workers, a historical perspective

A national obsession with prostitution: Hannah Stamler on 19th-century French depictions of prostitution

The Weight of Words: Discourse, Power and the 19th Century Prostitute

Understanding Sex Work in an Open Society

Troubling Terms and the Sex Industry

There is no neutral position on whether sex work is work

Why we need a history of prostitution in the Holocaust

Walking, Talking, Imagining: Ethical Engagement with Sex Workers

Centering Sex Workers’ Voices in Law and Social Policy

Week Two: Prostitution and the Law UK

Independent Review of the Managed Approach in Holbeck

The Laws that Sex Workers Want- video

Punishment & Protection: The Paradox of Sex Work in Scotland podcast

Sex, Relationships and the Court of Protection Webinar- DG Legal

Sex Workers Speak Out About Labour MP

UK Sex Work Law

Sex Workers and the Law Release Charity

Sex Work Buyer Law- Sex Work Research Hub

Why Decriminalise Prostitution? Because Law and Justice Aren’t Always the Same

How the Sandy’s Superstars court case has put Manchester’s brothels in the spotlight

Confusing, Dated and Ineffective? Current Sex Work Laws in England and Wales and Proposals for Reform Wales and Proposals for Reform

Section 14 Policing and Crime Act- Kingston and Thomas

Home Office Sex Work Paper

How the Nordic Model in France Changed Everything for Sex Workers

Tackling On-Street Sex Work

Off-street sex workers and victim-orientated policymaking at the local level: Denial of agency and consequences of victimhood

Liberal Feminism has a sex work problem

The difference between decriminalisation and legalisation of sex work

A critical account of a ‘creeping neo-abolitionism’: Regulating prostitution in England and Wales

What’s Law Got To Do With it? How and Why Law Matters in the Regulation of Sex Work

Basis statement on the Managed Approach June 2021

Independent Review of the Managed Approach

Scrapping Britain’s First Red Light District Will Be a Disaster for Sex Workers

Jailing of Migrant Sex Workers in Ireland Unjust

Assessment of impact criminalisation of purchasing sexual services

How Sex Workers Understand Their Experiences of Working in the Republic of Ireland

Saving Fallen Women Now

Criminal justice, extreme pornography and prostitution: Protecting women or promoting morality?

Mainstreaming the Sex Industry: Economic Inclusion and Social Ambivalence

Sex Workers’ Rights are About More than ‘Happy Hookers’

Coordinated Prostitution Strategy

English Collective of Prostitutes- Submissions and Policy Briefings

Why Sex Work Should Be Decriminalized

A decade of decriminalization: Sex work ‘down under’ but not underground

The impact of different regulatory models on the labour conditions, safety and welfare of indoor-based sex workers

Amnesty International Decrim

British Medical Journal- Decrim

The nature and prevalence of prostitution and sex work in England and Wales today

Precarious or Protected? Evaluating Work Quality in the Legal Sex Industry

Victims Without a Choice? A Critical View on the Debate About Sex Work in Northern Ireland

From brothels to independence: the neoliberalisation of (sex) work

Dr Jay Levy, Researcher and Consultant, Discusses the Outcomes of the Criminalisation of the Purchase of Sex in Sweden

Northern Ireland: 98% of sex workers oppose new law criminalising clients

Sex work today: myths, morals and health (UCL lunchtime lecture)

What is a ‘representative’ sex worker?

Enduring the myths of the Nordic Model

Campaigners for sex work face bullying and bad data

Ethical sluts and “dirty whores”: Straight talk about sex work

Male Sex Work: Exploring Regulation in England and Wales

Why Prostitution Policy (Usually) Fails and What to Do about It?

The Sociology Show-Gemma Ahearne

5 arguments against the Nordic Model

Sex Work is Real Work, and it’s Time to Treat it That Way

‘Framing figures’ and the campaign for sex purchase criminalisation in Ireland: A Lakoffian analysis

Payment by Alternative Means-Sex For Rent

Andrews government looks to decriminalise sex work

The false feminism of criminalising sex workers’ clients

The Human Rights Violations behind ‘End Demand’ laws

Safety, Dignity, Equality: Recommendations for Sex Work Law Reform in Canada

Reading Sex Work- South Atlantic Quarterly

How Sex Workers Understand Their Experiences of Working in the Republic of Ireland

Everything you want to know about the Swedish model

Global map of sex work laws

A Social-Legal Analysis of Reforms in the Regulation of Sex Work: The Case Study of End Demand Legislation in Israel

Criminalization, protection and rights: Global tensions in the governance of commercial sex

The politics of injustice: Sex-working women, feminism and criminalizing sex purchase in Ireland

“They wouldn’t get away with it at McDonalds”:Decriminalization, work, and disciplinary power in New Zealand brothels

Decriminalisation of sex work in the post-truth era? Strategic storytelling in neo-abolitionist accounts of the New Zealand model

Ireland: Laws Criminalizing Sex Work Are Facilitating and targetting the Abuse of Sex Workers- Amnesty International

Chapter 5 – Sex Work in a Postwork Imaginary: On Abolitionism, Careerism, and Respectability- Dr Helen Hester and Dr Zhara Stardust

Sex Work Charity Scotland on the Cost of Living Crosis

Court of Appeal decides care workers will act unlawfully if they arrange a sex worker for a disabled person: But were the wrong questions asked?

Appeal court overturns controversial sex worker ruling

Is it lawful for C’s carers to support him in accessing a sex worker?

Week 3: Stripping

Between the Sex Industry and Academia: Navigating Stigma and Disgust

Strippers on Channel 4-Video

The Fight For Strip Clubs- Dancers Versus Campaigners-video

Dita Von Teese podcast from 11 minutes onwards on the changing conditions in strip clubs

Sex workers condemn the ‘feminists’ secretly filming strippers in clubs

Respectability, morality and disgust in the night-time economy: exploring reactions to ‘lap dance’clubs in England and Wales

A Black Women’s History of Pinup and Burlesque

Stripper Influencers Reveal the Secrets Behind the Job

Glasgow’s lap dancing clubs will remain open following council vote

‘Wrong Place for Venue’ in Liverpool city centre

Lap-dancing club gets go-ahead in Liverpool’s LGBT quarter( 2014- same argument in objection to 2022 from councillor)

Megan Barton-Hanson defends sex workers as she dresses as Pretty Woman character

Implications That Come With Being A Stripper – The truth by dancer Ginger Zephyr

Ginger Zephyr Stripper Vlog- Depicts the difficult interactions in stripping

Can strippers also be feminists? Good Morning Britain video

‘Yes you can be a stripper and feminist’ Jac Q video

Chantelle Marquez Stripper Diaries Youtube

East London Strippers’ Collective vid

The Ethical Stripper Stacey Clare Ted X talk

Tiffany B- Day in the Life of a Stripper USA

Strip Club Tour USA Cristina Villegas video

Pleasers documentary USA

The Naked Truth documentary USA

A stripper writes to Object

ESRC study-The Regulatory Dance Video

Strippers Are Not the Problem

Students Who Strip: The Benefits of Alternate Identities for Managing Stigma

Managing the Toll of Stripping: Boundary Setting among Exotic Dancers

“I’ll Be Your Fantasy Girl If You’ll Be My Money Man”

Thinking Critically about Strip Club Research

Putting sexualized labour in the picture: Encoding ‘reasonable entitlement’ in the lap dancing industry

They’ve Started to Get a Bit Fucking Cocky

Sheffield strip club keeps licence despite opposition by feminist coalition

Review of The Ethical Stripper Book

Strippers Are Upset about new Netflix Pole-dancing Documentary

Disposable Bodies

Exotic Dance Literature Overview

Values, Norms, Power Struggles, and Hierarchy Among Women Working as Club Strippers in Israel: A Qualitative Perspective

Dancing for women: Subverting heteronormativity in a lesbian erotic dance space?

Strippers paying thousands in fines being unable to perform-New Zealand

Week 4: Guided Walk of Sexual Entertainment Venues

Sex Work and Critical Campaigners

Sex establishment licence Liverpool city council

Edinburgh strip clubs to stay open as council’s proposed ban ruled as ‘unlawful’

Edinburgh strip clubs: Ban overturned after judicial review

Edinburgh strip club ban: Club owners and lap dancers win court battle to overturn ‘ban’

Bristol lapdancers celebrate council vote to keep clubs open

Bristol strip club ban consultation shows most people do not want venues to shut

Live-Bristol Strip Club ban decision made

Stripper and author Stacey Clare supports Bristol sex workers as club ban decision looms

Strip clubs saved as Bristol city councillors reject proposed ban

Profitable Exploits: Lap Dancing in the UK

Lilith Report Eaves- Inappropriate Behaviour: Adult venues and licensing in London

Regulating Strip-Based Entertainment: Sexual Entertainment Venue Policy and the Ex/Inclusion of Dancers’ Perspectives and Needs

Legal Geographies—Controlling Sexually Oriented Businesses: Law, Licensing, and the Geographies of a Controversial Land Use

Glasgow councillors will vote on the future of lap dancing clubs

Dancers win at work: unionization and Nowak v Chandler Bars Group Ltd

Blackpool bans lap dancing clubs in drive to boost reputation

Bristol strip clubs to stay open despite proposed ban

Berlin Strippers Collective are on a mission to destigmatise sex work

Close Encounters: Intimate service interactions in lap dancing work as a nexus of ‘self-others-things’

Ex-stripper drops ET claim after being refused right to anonymity

Queensland strippers make disturbing allegations of wage theft, exploitation and sexual assault in clubs

False Self-Employment, Autonomy, and Regulating for Decent Work: Improving Working Conditions in the UK Stripping Industry

The political economy of ‘lap dancing’: contested careers and women’s work in the stripping industry

Working in the Fantasy Factory

Revealing contemporary constructions of femininity: Expression and sexuality in strip club legislation

The production of Identity and the Negotiation of Intimacy in a ‘Gentleman’s Club’

Egan, R. Danielle. 2004. Eyeing the scene: The uses and (re)uses of surveillance cameras in an exotic dance club. Critical Sociology 30 (2): 299-319.

‘I’m just with the guys and we’re having a laugh’: Exploring normative masculinity in a lap-dancing club setting, as a heteronormative space

Regulating Strip-Based Entertainment: Sexual Entertainment Venue Policy and the Ex/Inclusion of Dancers’ Perspectives and Needs

Exotic Dancers Experiences with Occupational Violence in Portland, Oregon Strip Clubs

Challenging Perceptions of the Sex industry-video

FACT Liverpool

Bloc Projects Sheffield

License to cause harm? Sex entertainment venues and women’s sense of safety in inner city centres

Location, libation and leisure: An examination of the use of licensed venues to help challenge sexual violence

Immoral geographies and Soho’s sex shops: exploring spaces of sexual diversity in London

Plastic fantastic? Problematising post-feminism in erotic retailing in England

Week 5: Stigma and Violence

Institutional Ethics Challenges to Sex Work Researchers: Committees, Communities, and Collaboration

Epistemological Exploitation

Addressing Violence Against Sex Workers Scotland

Criminologist or criminal? Liminal spaces as the site for auto/biography

Sex Workers Too: Summary of Evidence for VAWG 2020-24 Consultation

Merseyside Hate Crime Model-video

ECP on Decrim-video

Not Getting Away With It: addressing violence against sex workers as hate crime in Merseyside

The Stigma of Sex Work Comes at a High Cost

The impact of Covid-19 on sex workers

Stigma, invisibility and unattainable ‘choices’ in sex work

Out in the cold: Sex workers brace for second coronavirus lockdown

Left out in the cold: The extreme unmet health and service needs of street sex workers in East London before and during the COVID-19 pandemic

Stigma of Being a Former stripper in Academia

‘Whorephobia’ blocking research into student sex work – scholar

Why is offering support to student sex workers seen as radical?

Sex in the shadows of celebrity-Porn Studies Journal

Sex workers are the experts on their profession – they must be heard in debates about its future

Waking Up and Surviving Everyday: Reflections from NUM Outreach Worker Grace

“I Don’t Hate All Women, Just Those Stuck-Up Bitches”: How Incels and Mainstream Pornography Speak the Same Extreme Language of Misogyny

Becoming a sexademic: Reflections on a ‘dirty’ research project

Managing spoiled identities: dirty workers’ struggles for a favourable sense of self

The encoded stigma- Ph.D thesis

Stigma, decriminalisation, and violence against street-based sex workers: Changing the narrative

Stigma of Sex Workers in prison

They Only Care When There’s a Murder On

Is sex work still the most dangerous profession? The data suggests so

“We Shouldn’t Have to Put up with This” Street Sex Work and Violence

Not collateral damage: Trends in violence and hate crimes experienced by sex workers in the Republic of Ireland

Violent and non­violent crimes against sex workers : the influence of the sex market on reporting practices in the United Kingdom

Epistemic injustice and epistemic positioning: towards an intersectional policitcal economy

COVID-19 illuminates discriminatory sex work policies

Students, sex work and negotiations of stigma in the UK and Australia

Victoria’s sex worker rules ‘enshrines whorephobia’, workers say

Let’s Call Sex Work What It Is: Work

Demonizing sex worker harms sex workers

International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

Surviving Sex Work on the Streets

Being Trans in Sex Work

Students selling sex: marketisation, higher education and consumption

Institutional Ethics Challenges to Sex Work Researchers: Committees, Communities, and Collaboration

London sex workers ‘fear dangerous city’

The Impacts of Working With Victims of Sexual Violence: A Rapid Evidence Assessment

The Normalization of Leisure Sex and Recreational Drugs: Exploring Associations Between Polydrug Use and Sexual Practices by English Festival-Goers

Beyond ‘revenge porn’: the continuum of image-based abuse

Beyond Trigger Warnings: A Survivor-Centered Approach to Teaching on Sexual Violence and Avoiding Institutional Betrayal

Structural violence- Social and institutional violence oppression experienced by sex workers in Europe

Young Women’s Experiences With Technology-Facilitated Sexual Violence From Male Strangers

Dr Fiona Vera-Gray – Men’s Violence against Women, Street Harassment, and Pornography-podcast

Harm Imbrication and Virtualised Violence: Reconceptualising the Harms of Doxxing

Sexual Violence in the Digital Age: Replicating and Augmenting Harm, Victimhood and Blame

Black Femicide and Intimate Partner Violence: A History-video

Evaluation of the good night out campaign: a sexual violence bystander training programme for nightlife workers in England

Week 6: Trafficking and Migrant Sex Work

The ‘Rescue Industry’ : the blurred line between help and hindrance

Potential trafficking victims denied financial help in the UK

Home Office reinstates financial support of less than £4 a day for trafficking victims

MIgrant sex workers and Project ROSE-video

The High Cost of Cheap Clothes, Sex Workers in Cambodia-video

Stop the Traffik video (to critique!)

Can Willing Migrant Sex Workers be Real Victims of Human Trafficking? A WPR Analysis of the Australian Modern Slavery Act Inquiry Report.

Framing Modern Slavery: Public Relations vs Reality with Emily Kenway

Podcast- Double victimization of trafficked persons: Technology, justice for the victims and ways forward

Huge rise in number of trafficking victims in UK immigration detention

Sex Work & Racism: Historical Overview of Racism in Anti-Sex Work, Anti-Trafficking and Anti-Immigration Legislation in Europe

My Experience is Mine to Tell: Challenging the abolitionist victimhood framework

Anti-Trafficking Review special issue on Traffickers- Sep 2022

Good Tech, Bad Tech: Policing Sex Trafficking with Big Data

Revealed: Just 7 percent of trafficking victims given leave to remain in UK

Salvation as violence: anti-trafficking and the rehabilitation of rescued Filipino women into moral subjects

Interview – Sharmila Parmanand on sex trafficking

‘Conflating Sex Work And Trafficking Is Harmful. We Need To Stop’

‘It has completely destroyed me’: A legal advice system on the brink

Time to get off the fence on sex workers’ rights | openDemocracy Live

‘Reflexivities of discomfort’: Researching the sex trade and sex trafficking in Ireland

Troubling Recognitions in British Responses to Modern Slavery

Anti-slavery as development: A global politics of rescue

Debt, trafficking and safe migration: The brokered mobility of Vietnamese sex workers to Singapore

Unfinished Decrim: The Impact of Section 19 of the Prostitution Reform Act 2003 on Migrant Sex Workers’ Rights and Lives in Aotearoa New Zealand”

Resisting division: migrant sex work and “New Zealand working girls”

Framing the Mother Tac: The Racialised, Sexualised and Gendered Politics of Modern Slavery in Australia

Migration, Sex Work and Trafficking: the Racialized Bordering Politics of Sexual Humanitarianism

Migrant sex workers fight brutality and racism-video

Columbia Human Rights Law Review

Missed opportunities and exclusion: sex workers reflect on two decades of anti-trafficking

Anti-Trafficking in the Time of FOSTA/SESTA: Networked Moral Gentrification and Sexual Humanitarian Creep

Will The Real Sex Slave Please Stand Up?

Inside a Massive Anti-Trafficking Charity’s Blundering Overseas Missions

Are London’s Brothel Raids Really About Saving Sex Workers?

Anti-trafficking is an inside job

The Sexual Politics of Anti-Trafficking Discourse

Long read: How the Nordic model in France changed everything for sex workers

Soho police raids show why sex workers live in fear of being ‘rescued’

Only a minority of UK sex workers have been trafficked

After the Closure of Backpage, Increasingly Vulnerable Sex Workers Are Demanding Their Rights

Hit and Run Report from Empower thailand

Transgender Sex Workers in New York

Human trafficking for sex, labour and domestic servitude: how do key trafficking types compare and what are their predictors?

Beyond Victimhood and Beyond Employment? Exploring Avenues for Labour Law to Empower Women Trafficked into the Sex Industry

The ‘Nordic model’ of prostitution law is a myth

“Spotting the signs” of trafficking recruitment online: exploring the characteristics of advertisements targeted at migrant job-seekers

FOSTA-SESTA was supposed to thwart sex trafficking. Instead, it’s sparked a movement


Project ROSE Is Arresting Sex Workers in Arizona to Save Their Souls

Trafficking Survivors Podcast – Episode 1 (Part I) – OnlyFans Changes and Discussion About How Many Anti-Trafficking Organizations Cause More Harm, with Special Guests

We speak but you don’t listen: migrant sex worker organising at the border

Operation Underground Railroad’s Carefully Crafted Public Image Is Falling Apart

The Rescue Industry

Fantasies of tattooed trafficking victims obscure the real problem

Closure of Soho brothels raises risks for women, says local priest

How Canada’s Immigration Laws Make Migrant Sex Workers’ Jobs More Dangerous

The Double-Edged Sword of Health and Safety: COVID-19 and the Policing and Exclusion of Migrant Asian Massage Workers in North America

The Swedish Sex Purchase Act: Where Does it Stand?1

Miscounting human trafficking and slavery

Sweden’s abolitionist discourse and law: Effects on the dynamics of Swedish sex work and on the lives of Sweden’s sex workers

Gender, Migration, ‘Trafficking’ and the Troublesome Relationship between Agency and Force

The Price of Freedom:Moral and Political Economies of the Global Anti-Trafficking Movement

Choice on offer in brothels not consistent with sex trafficking

But what about trafficking?

Red mist obscures red light statistics

The American Rescue Industry: Toward an Anti-Trafficking Paramilitary

Missionary Positions—Sex Workers, Faith-based Outreach in Australia and a Postcolonial Feminist Perspective

Doing It (Feminist Theology and Faith-Based Outreach) With Sex Workers – Beyond Christian Rescue and the Problem-Solving Approach

A Brief Guide on Collateral Damages of Anti-Trafficking Laws and Measures on Sex Workers

Tackling Trafficking under a Decriminalisation Model

Undeserving Victims? A Community report on Migrant Sex Worker Victims in Europe

From Vulnerability to Resilience: sex workers organizing to end exploitation

Migration Struggles, Colonial Legacies, and Pandemic Shifts

Criminalising sex workers’ clients makes trafficking worse

Fence-sitting and its discontents: the fear of taking a stand on sex work in the US

Lost in translation: do anti-trafficking organisations reflect their employees’ views on commercial sex?

Resisting division: migrant sex work and “New Zealand working girls”

Jess Miers law slides on Section 230 and SESTA/FOSTA

***Trigger warning***Women who overstayed her welcome her 7 years fell to her death***

Unseen, unheard: Gender-based violence in disasters Global study

Natural hazards, disasters and violence against women and girls: a global mixed-methods systematic review

The war in Ukraine and associated risks of human trafficking and exploitation Insights from an evidence gathering roundtable- Dr Ella Cockbain and Dr Aiden Sidebottom

Fear of Trafficking or Implicit Prejudice? Migrant Sex Workers and the Impacts of Section 19

Exploitation Creep and the Unmaking of Human Trafficking Law

The Limits of Consent: Sex Trafficking and the Problem of International Paternalism

Week 7: Independent Reading Week

I have a range of extra sex work resources here.

Week 8: Contested Spaces of Sex Work

Bothered by a brothel? How sex work can improve your neighbourhood

Dr Emily Cooper-Sex work in the community Ted X talk

Moonlight Bunny Ranch-video

‘It’s better than daytime television’: questioning the socio-spatial impacts of massage parlours on residential communities

Living with the Other: Street sex work, contingent communities and degrees of tolerance

Consuming Sex: Socio-legal Shifts in the Space and Place of Sex Shops

Argentina’s prostitutes – mothers first, sex workers second

The Reduction of Visible Spaces of Sex Work in Europe

Amsterdam to move sex workers out of city centre in tourism ‘reset’

Gentrification Is Turning London’s Soho Into a Gimmicky, Sex Work-Themed Theme Park

Law, sex and the city: regulating sexual entertainment venues in England and Wales

Opposing striptopia: The embattled spaces of adult entertainment

Plans passed to open strip club near nursery in Reading

Sex Workers’ Anger at Hull Clampdown

Liivng and Working in areas of Street Sex Work

Squaring Up: Experiences of Transition from Off-Street Sex Work to Square Work and Duality—Concurrent Involvement in Both—in Vancouver, BC

A Collection of Articles in Street-Based Sex Work

“Who’s the Slut, Who’s the Whore?”: Street Harassment in the Workplace Among Female Sex Workers in New Zealand

Week 9: Beyond the Gaze

Covid: Offline sex workers forced to start online again

Dr Angela Jones podcast on her book Camming: Money, Power and Pleasure in the Sex Work Industry

Sexual Gentrification: An Internet Sex Workers Built-video

Sexworker Speaks Against Occupational Discrimination & Censorship from Mastercard #AcceptanceMatters

Sex Work in a Digital Era- Professor Angela Jones

Dr Carolina Are podcast on the impact of shadowbanning

The Shadowban Cycle: an autoethnography of pole dancing, nudity and censorship on Instagram

What can tech learn from sex workers? Sexual Ethics, Tech Design & Decoding Stigma

OnlyFans as gig-economy work: a nexus of precarity and stigma

Sarah Jayne Dunn podcast on Only Fans

Hollyoaks’ Sarah Jayne Dunn breaks silence after she’s axed from soap in OnlyFans row

Dr Heather Berg podcast- Porn, Labour and Late Capitalism

Credit Card Companies Investigate While Sex Workers’ Livelihoods Still Hang in The Balance

Regulating and representing camming: Strict limits on acceptable content on webcam sex platforms

How Instagram’s algorithm is censoring women and vulnerable users but helping online abusers

Posting into the void- studying the impact of shadow banning on sex workers and activists

Hustling the Platform: Capitalist Experiments and Resistance Capitalist Experiments and Resistance

Beyond the Gaze Summary Report

Beyond the Gaze-video

Online sex work in the 21st century-video

ITV news Only Fans- Shelly Stoops and Professor Sarah Kingston video

Dr Anastacia Ryan discusses Only Fans podcast

Vienna museums open adult-only OnlyFans account to display nudes

How Has the Internet Changed the Market for Sex

Safe For Work: Feminist Porn, Corporate Regulation and Community Standards

“Disadvantaged in the American-dominated Internet”: Sex, Work, and Technology

“It’s stressful having all these phones”: Investigating Sex Workers’ Safety Goals, Risks, and Practices Online

What can tech learn from sex workers?

OnlyFans is banning porn, the very thing that made it big

Only Fans isn’t just porn

Webcam modelling in Korea: censorship, pornography, and eroticism

Online Sex Directory: An Examination

The New War on Porn: How Moral Crusaders, Mainstream Media and Politicians Are Gunning for XXX

The anti-porn religious lobby just destroyed the livelihoods of thousands of pornographers

How Instagram Punishes Sex Workers While Profiting Off Porn

‘I earned €1,000 a month from naked photos’ – five Irish OnlyFans creators on the reality of the adult site

Only Fans Digital Footprint

Platforms, sex work and their interconnectedness

If sex workers can’t advertise online, it forces them on to the street

‘War Against Sex Workers:’ What Visa and Mastercard Dropping Pornhub Means to Performers

Law Claiming to Fight Sex Trafficking Is Doing the Opposite — By Cracking Down on Sex Work Advocacy and Organizing

Online censorship is making sex work more dangerous

Enough about SESTA/FOSTA ‘unintended consequences’

Porn Tourism

Mapping the Online Sex Industry

Under the threat of new laws, British sex workers fear for their websites and their safety

Strippers in the UK Are Hosting a Virtual Strip Club

Making Money on OnlyFans Is a Lot Harder Than You Think

An OnlyFans Leak Isn’t Anything New

Inside the Underground Trade of Pirated OnlyFans Porn

OnlyFans, Influencers, And The Politics Of Selling Nudes During A Pandemic

“We Have Advised Sex Workers to Simply Choose Other Options”—The Response of Adult Service Websites to COVID-19

Sex Workers Built Only Fans- Now They say They Are Getting Kicked Off

Pornhub crackdown by credit card companies cuts off sex workers’ livelihoods

Why is Instagram deleting the accounts of hundreds of porn stars?

Extreme Concern: Regulating ‘Dangerous Pictures’ in the United Kingdom

‘Pleasure and Tedium’: What Porn Reveals About the Future of Work

Pornography as a cultural resource for constructing and expressing gendered sexual subjectivities among students in a co-educational boarding school

Sex and consent in contemporary youth sexual culture: the ‘ideals’ and the ‘realities’

‘I Work In The NHS By Day And I’m A Cam Girl By Night’

Inside the life of Isa Mazzei, a camgirl making $15,500 a month

OnlyFans isn’t revolutionising sex work, and using it ruined things I once did for personal pleasure

Sex Workers Deserve Better Than Only Fans

Google is kicking ‘sugar dating’ apps out of the Play Store

Adult content creators in the lurch as OnlyFans bans porn

OnlyFans and exclusion of sex workers from digital platforms: Statement and recommendations by the International Committee on the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe.

‘Girls Do Porn’ Victims Reach Settlement With Pornhub

Week 10: Media Portrayals of Sex Work

Fifty Shades and the law: Regulating sex and sex media in the UK

Girls Next Level podcast (Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt from E’s Girls Next Door)

Sex Work and The Girls Next Door with Ginger Zephyr podcast

Twigs cellophane music video

FKA TWIGs and Kehlani start a crucial conversation about sex work

Holly Madison and the pressure to conform

Secrets of Playboy Trailer

Sex work, advertorial news media and conditional acceptance

Flogging sexual transgression: Interrogating the costs of the ‘Fifty Shades effect’

Media Coverage of Sex Workers Erases Our Voices

Bad Women: The Ripper Retold Podcast

Stigma and stereotypes about sex work hinder regulatory reform

Representations of Sex workers

BBC Mistreating Sex Workers

Hot Girls Wanted: Exploiting Sex Workers in the Name of Exposing Porn Exploitation?

Week 11: Policing of Sex Work and the Global Sex Workers’ Rights Movement

They Only Care when There’s A Murder On

‘I Wouldn’t Call the Cops if I was Being Bashed to Death’: Sex Work, Whore Stigma and the Criminal Legal System

Sold in America documentary

Why Report? Sex Workers who Use NUM Opt out of Sharing Victimisation with Police

Street sex workers face discriminatory behaviour from gardaí – report

Effect of police enforcement and extreme social inequalities on violence and mental health among women who sell sex: findings from a cohort study in London, UK 

Man who raped and controlled sex worker for financial gain by forcing her to work on Leeds’ streets thought he was ‘bullet proof’, jury told

Fake policeman who raped and robbed sex workers jailed

ECP-No Bad Women Just Bad laws-video

Decrim and fighting for a better future video

Listening to sex workers will improve safety and policies- Dr Raven Bowen podcast

International Women’s Rights Action Watch Asia Pacific (IWRAW Asia Pacific) Decriminalise sex work video

Disibilitease- disability and stripping on stage documentary

Sex workers fighting for human rights among world’s most ‘at risk- video

The Mainstreaming of Sex Workers’ Rights as Human Rights

The Future of Feminism and Sex Work Activism in New Zealand

Cash/Consent- The War in Sex Work by Lorelei Lee

If you really care about the safety of sex workers like me, let us make our own choices

Policing vulnerability in sex work: the harm reduction compass model

“Very little but a lot.” Solidarity within the sex workers’ community in Poland during the COVID-19 pandemic

Sex workers must not be forgotten in the Covid-19 response

We Speak to Muslim Sex Workers About How They’ve Survived the Pandemic… and Ramadan

Politics is the heart of all sex worker organising

Tunisia’s sex workers face moral crusade

Statement from SWEAT on gender-based violence on sex workers

National Policing Sex Work Guidance

Sex work activism in South Africa: a struggle for visibility

Identity diversification among transgender sex workers in Thailand’s sex tourism industry

“We are not criminals; We are people” A Ugandan sex worker tells her story

Fight against HIV empowering sex workers in India, says UN Aids envoy

‘Like any other job’: Indian sex workers lobby for pensions and healthcare

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