SOCI256 Culture, Power and Social Control sources

This is an optional second year module with 80 students.

Learners are provided with additional sources in the reading list and module guide.

Week 1: Introduction

Women who drink and fight

Yvonne Yewkes- monstrous women

Gemma Ahearne- Bodies of Excess, Aintree Races

How are women who kill portrayed in the media?

Sketching women in court

Paris Hilton on Larry King describing prison

Why criminal justice matters

Week 2: Key Concepts

Beyond ‘Criminology vs. Zemiology’: Reconciling crime with social harm

Zemiology Reconnecting Crime and Social Harm

Criminal obsessions: crime isn’t the only harm

Spaces of transgression: governance, discipline and reworking the carnivalesque

Bakhtin and Carnival: Culture as Counter-Culture

Maggie O’Neill- Transgressive Imaginations

Secret Barrister- Justice in a Pandemic

Ahearne- War on Dissent During the State of Exception

Ahearne- Criminologist or Criminal? Liminal Spaces as the Site for Auto/biography

Week 3- Youth subcultures

Marco Mendia Spent Nearly Ten Years with Europe’s Graffiti Youth

Banksy:what happens when someone vandalises grafitti and who owns it anyway?

The art and politics of riot grrls in pictures

The Global Grrrl Zine Network –Grrrl, lady, queer, and trans folk zines, distros and Do-It-Yourself projects from all over the world

The means of production:alternative media and riot grrls

The Expansion of Punk Rock: Riot Grrrl Challenges to Gender Power Relations in British Indie Music Subcultures

Riot Grrrl, Race, and Revival-Women & Performance: a journal of feminist theory

Do-It-Yourself Girl Power: An Examination of the Riot Grrrl Subculture

Student zine addresses sexual violence prevention

“I’ll Resist with Every Inch and Every Breath”: Girls and Zine Making as a Form of Resistance**Trigger warning depicts CSA and eating disorders***

Dr Gemma Commane- Dangerous Femininities

Normalising sexualised violence in popular culture: eroding, erasing and controlling women in rock music

In Defence of Subculture: Young People, Leisure and Social Divisions

Why popular culture is returning to the riot grrrl aesthetic and values

Beyond the Boys’ Club: Morgan Lander of Kittie

China’s goths protest after woman told to remove ‘distressing’ make-up on subway

Meet the Black Girls of Goth


Urban Art touristification: The case of Lisbon

Megan Thee Stallion, Lil Uzi Vert, and the Emptiness of the Live Virtual Concert

Youth Culture- Guardian

Japan’s Youth Culture at Harajuku


Women in Punk- short film

Awaydays-film trailer

Classic Youth Subcultures

The Sociology Show- Dr Karenza Moore podcast

Week 4: The ‘Alternative Society’

Hipster: The Dead End of Western Civilization

Policing Space: Managing New Travellers in England

Traveller Times short video- Gypsies, Roma and Traveller peoples

Traveller Times- Drive to Survive

‘Drive to Survive’ say Gypsy and Traveller campaigners – and fight the anti-Traveller laws

Drive to Survive video- against the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill

What it’s like growing up as a New Age Traveller living on the road

Photos from the Hedonistic Days of 90s Raves-

The Synoptic City: State, ‘Place’ and Power

Managing Expectations: Impacts of hostile migration policies on practitioners in Britain, Denmark and Sweden

Gendering Pacification: Policing Women at Anti-fracking Protests

Gypsy and Traveller Experiences of Crime and Justice: A Neglected Minority in Criminology

Priti Patel’s war on the UK’s last nomads With its new police bill, the government is trying to criminalise Gypsies and Travellers’ very way of life

‘The police bill is wiping out a culture’: New Travellers take a stand

Articulating ‘otherness’ within multiethnic rural neighbourhoods: encounters between Roma and non-Roma in an East-Central European borderland

New Age Travellers documentary

Week 5: Films of Transgression

Reel cruelty: Voyeurism and extra-juridical punishment in true-crime documentaries

Almost famous: Peter Woodcock, media framing, and obscurity in the cultural construction of a serial killer

Media made criminality: The representation of crime in the mass media

Bad Women: The Ripper Retold podcast

The Bling Ring

You trailer

Catch Me if You Can trailer

Clockwork Orange trailer

Week 6: Pornography and Social Harm

This Pastor Is Melting Purity Rings Into A Golden Vagina Sculpture

Sexed Up: Theorizing the Sexualization of Culture

Flogging sexual transgression: Interrogating the costs of the ‘Fifty Shades effect’

Buying Myself Back- Emily Ratajkowski


Instagram Influencer Georgie Clarke reports being sexually harassed on the Tube

Beyond ‘revenge porn’: a continuum of image-based abuse

Sex in the Shadows of Celebrity-Porn Studies Journal

Vienna museums open adult-only OnlyFans account to display nudes

Safe For Work: Feminist Porn, Corporate Regulation and Community Standards

Women’s Consumption of Pornography: Pleasure, Contestation, and Empowerment

Billie Eilish says watching porn as a child ‘destroyed my brain’

Miss Papua New Guinea stripped of her crown for TikTok twerking video

“I Don’t Hate All Women, Just Those Stuck-Up Bitches”: How Incels and Mainstream Pornography Speak the Same Extreme Language of Misogyny

My Style Is Not ‘For’ Men – It’s To Protect Me From Their Violence

Criminal justice, extreme pornography and prostitution: Protecting women or promoting morality?

Teaching Porn-Professor Brian McNair

Sexually progressive and proficient: Pornographic syntax and postfeminist fantasies

Enjoyment, Exploration and Education: Understanding the Consumption of Pornography among Young Men with NonExclusive Sexual Orientations

Engaging with pornography: an examination of women aged 18–26 as porn consumers

Stuebenville rape victim tells her story

Roll Red Roll: behind the chilling documentary on high school rape

Sarah Jayne Dunn from Hollyoaks on Only Fans-Podcast

Hollyoaks’ Sarah Jayne Dunn breaks silence after she’s axed from soap in OnlyFans row

Feminist porn- sex is about female pleasure too

Only Fans and the digital footprint

An Interdisciplinary Definition of Pornography: Results from a Global Delphi Panel

8 places to watch ethical porn that focuses on female pleasure

Roll Red Roll trailer

Paris Hilton- Carl’s Junior Burger advert

Purity Culture ring melted

Liberated film trailer

Micha Barton revenge porn

Holding things in tension whilst researching VAWG

Athlete A film trailer

Simone Biles Chose herself-The Cut

Epstein film trailer

Beyond Trigger Warnings: A Survivor-Centered Approach to Teaching on Sexual Violence and Avoiding Institutional Betrayal

Dr Fiona Vera-Gray – Men’s Violence against Women, Street Harassment, and Pornography-podcast

Week 7: Independent Reading Week

Week 8: Instagram and the Beauty Myth

Cosmetic Surgery Tourism

The Absent Body Project: Cosmetic Surgery as a Response to Bodily Dys-appearance

Artist who changes her appearance with surgery

Muslim woman’s cheeky selfie with anti-Islam group goes viral

Deliberate Beauty-Mona Eltahawy

Lebanon Selfie Protest

Sick/Beautiful/Freak: Nonmainstream Body Modification and the Social Construction of Deviance

Selfie-taking motives and social psychological dispositions as predictors of selfie-related activities among university students in Kuwait

Selfies| The Gestural Image: The Selfie, Photography Theory, and Kinesthetic Sociability

The Selfie Paradox: Nobody Seems to Like Them Yet Everyone Has Reasons to Take Them. An Exploration of Psychological Functions of Selfies in Self-Presentation

Beauty and Elegance: Value Co-Creation in Cosmetic Surgery Tourism

No Matter How Diverse Beauty Pageants Become, They Are Still Sexist

A quick reminder … The Beauty Myth

Here’s the major problem behind celebrities’ ‘no makeup’ selfies that no one is talking about

Barbie Activism workshops

But first, let me take a selfie

Selfies are art

Plastic surgery stats

Surgery in South Korea

John Berger on Ways of Seeing

Taylor Swift on her eating disorder

Being and Doing Anorexia Autoethnography thesis

The rise of the silver influencers: ‘Our mothers had to conform to twin sets and pearls, but we are allowed to express our personalities’ 

Week 9: Celebrity Culture and violence against women

Understanding Celebrity-Turner

Between Two Salads: Holly Madison talks Playboy Mansion and Finding Herself on Social Media

Mrs Hinch, the rise of the cleanfluencer and the neoliberal refashioning of housework: Scouring away the crisis?

Read Britney Spears’ full statement against conservatorship: ‘I am traumatized’

Britney Spears showed girls how to grow up – but she was never allowed to

Britney Speaks: Are We Ready to Listen?

Britney Spears and the Age-Old History of Men Policing Women’s Trauma

Britney Spears’ Conservatorship Nightmare

Ireland has many Britney Spears wronged by an abusive system 

Can black artists counter music industry exploitation?

‘Spinning’ Warhol: Celebrity Culture Theoretics and the Logic of the Brand

‘I was worried Lindsay, Paris or Britney would die’: why the 00s were so toxic for women

Mischa Barton on success, paparazzi and survival: ‘I’m not broken’

Courtney Love Accuses Olivia Rodrigo of Copying Hole Album Cover Concept for ‘Sour Prom’ Photos

Jameson, Frederic. “Reification and Utopia in Mass Culture.” In Signatures of the Visible. New York: Routledge, 1990. annotation by J. Kenyon Meier (Theories of Media, Winter 2003)

‘Ten rapes’ at tea farm supplying PG Tips

Ariana Grande launches 6th perfume

Britney Spears Circus video

Paris Hilton ‘This is Paris’ trailer

The American meme trailer

The true cost of fast fashion

Who Owns Amanda Knox?

Anita Hill on sexual harassment and survival: ‘You have to think: what is my life for?’

Professor Kimberle Crenshaw on R Kelly ‘I believe I can lie’

What Does R. Kelly’s Conviction Mean for Black Women?

R. Kelly’s conviction represents a major #MeToo moment for Black women.

R Kelly’s ex-wife says victim shaming stopped women coming forward

R Kelly verdict caps decades of abuse that predominantly targeted Black women and children

R Kelly convicted: Everybody knew the allegations – so why has it taken 30 years to get justice?

Parents Told Police Their Daughter Is Being Held Against Her Will In R. Kelly’s “Cult”

Can the R Kelly verdict lead to a shift in the music industry?

Week 10: Fake News and Online Social Harms

Against the Law why judges are under attack-The Secret Barrister

Trump is trying to overturn the election

When seeing is no longer believing- deep fakes

Manufacturing Consent- Chomsky

Trump on ‘Fake News’

Harm Imbrication and Virtualised Violence: Reconceptualizing the Harms of Doxxing

How fake news injected Britain