Leaning Towards Lent

2022. The world is in a mess. The people of Ukraine are in need of our support as are the people of Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Ethiopia and around the world.

Matthew 26.40 “The King will reply, ‘ I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me’”. We are called to welcome the stranger.

Chester Cathedral, 23rd August 2021 taken by Gemma Ahearne

As Christians our lives are punctuated by the church calendar and the chance to be reborn through those seasons. A chance to become closer to God and closer to ourselves and our purpose.

I took great comfort in the quiet reflection of Advent 2021. I said in this post here:

“If you’ve got a neighbour, pass the light on” is a lesson for us all as we sit in the darkness and wait. I found myself giving in to the stillness and waiting of Advent this year.

I spoke here of the discomfort and wrestling with the failure to reconcile parts of me with parts of the church. I am a messy Christian and I know that.

And yet I trust, I believe, I have faith.

I wrote on my Post about Reconciliation and Lent that: “Lent is a slow turning ourselves towards God. It is the season of Lent; a reckoning of how we see the world afresh through the lens of the cross“.

In this season of Lent I vow to be quieter, to bite my tongue, and to hunger for the world that must come. If anyone else is on their own lent journey this year please do make contact.


Gemma x