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February 07


I have thought long and hard about the title of this blog post, and Convictions seemed the most relevant. Criminal convictions, religious convictions, moral convictions. My previous posts have spoken about feminist convictions and about the courage to speak up, to speak truth to power and violence.¬†Your silence will never protect you, and the trend […]

April 21

Creative Research Methods

I think as researchers we constantly have to look for new ways in which to engage with our field and our participants. I’m a huge advocate of creative research methods, and will be updating this list of articles and links. 35-year-old OTTB teaches inmates to listen Learning From Elsewhere Using creative methods in research with […]

April 08

The Trauma of Research

I don’t blog about my research because sadly things have been taken from my blog and used without permission or citation. This is gutting because I believe in open access and sharing knowledge outside of the academy. However given the nature of my data, and the fact it is for my P.hD, I will only […]