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Why this video needs to go away

If you have watched the Stop The Traffik video, please read this: Advertisements

August 21

The privilege of feminism

I have always had problems with feminism, despite identifying as once since my early teens. Since beginning my postgraduate studies, I have yo-yoed constantly as to whether I even identify as a feminist anymore.  People assure me “it’s feminisms” not a monolithic feminism, but I still have major doubts and concerns. When I was talking […]

May 26

Stupid Dolls: Lap-dancing, Joan Smith and Polar Disorder

After hearing soundbites of Joan Smith’s latest tirades, I knew I would have to read her new book, The Public Woman. Partly because my research is on lap-dancing clubs, and partly because a friend assured me I would want to rip it up. I’m a glutton for that sort of book. Each chapter would make […]

April 13

Anti-Plastic Feminism – Feminist Porn Book

I have been thinking about Plastic Feminism today, the well-packaged, well-marketed, rigid, glossy, appealing brand that I first spoke about in my post Plastic Feminism. I have a mountain of books, journals, blogs and articles to get through, but top of my list is this: I think it is crucial to examine the complexities in […]

April 12

Plastic Feminism

Ok, second rambling rant, I mean blog post is here. Firstly I want to say I do respect differing opinions from my own (honest!) and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I enjoy speaking with people with a completely different outlook, it helps me to critique my own ideas, and helps me to grow. […]