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June 27

Listening to the voices of sex workers

I have a blog post on the Feminist and Women’s Studies Association (FWSA) blog http://fwsablog.org.uk/2013/06/26/sex-work-is-work/. Massive thank you to Joanne and the team for allowing me to post, and I would love to get feedback. It is always interesting to listen to the different views about sex work. Advertisements

June 08

Diamond Dolls: Dr Billie Lister ‘paying it foward’

On Saturday 8th June, I went to Birmingham to meet the lovely Dr Billie Lister. I have been in touch with Billie since around March, and have found her to be supportive, encouraging and inspirational. As I said in my post ‘What you doing that for?’: Troubling Research Projects “I really believe in the ‘pay […]

May 27

Dangerous Dolls: ‘Object’ and Lose the Lads’ Mags

***Trigger warning: naked photographs *** Feminist campaign groups UK Feminista and Object have today launched a new project, Lose the Lads’ Mags. Object are the group who challenge: “‘sex object culture’ – the sexual objectification of women through lads’ mags, lap dancing clubs or sexist advertising”. UK Feminista is an organisation which provides training for […]

May 10

Glee ‘Naked’ : Slutty Barbie

This post is about USA cult show Glee, where the boys and girls of William McKinley High School fight out important social issues through the medium of song and dance. Rachel Berry, the school’s former star, is now at NYADA, New York Academy of the Dramatic Arts, and is battling to find her way in […]

Literary Dolls: The Female Textual Body from the 19th Century to Now

Originally posted on READ Research English At Durham:
This one-day conference held on International Women’s Day 2014 assesses the ways in which women’s physical form has been depicted in artworks from the nineteenth century to the present day. “Lucky I have nice hands if nothing else,” says Ella at last, very dry. He comes to her, picks…

April 11

Plastic Doll Heads

“I am doll eyes Doll mouth, doll legs I am doll arms…” Doll Parts, Hole So here is my blog: Plastic Doll Heads. I am a complete technophobe, and not a gifted flowery writer. This may take a while. I am unsure who will read this, but I have at least 4 of my closest […]