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May 25

Dirty Doll, Slut-shaming in The Valleys and Taylor Swift

Ok, so I must come clean. I am not a regular viewer of MTV show The Valleys, it will never take the place in my heart of TOWIE, (which will never take the place in my affections of The Hills, which will never take the place of Laguna Beach, you get the picture). However, I […]

April 18

A Diet of Broken Biscuits – Blog Crush

Has found a blog I am a bit in love with at the moment. Emily ‘ray-z produces: http://adietofbrokenbiscuits.tumblr.com/ Do check it out! Anyone who includes entries on Mean Girls, Elle Woods, The problems with ‘No more page 3’ and the problems with ‘Everyday Sexism’ gets my seal of approval. I have a blog crush going […]

Mind the Gap: Thigh Gap

*Trigger warning* – contains pictures depicting ‘thinspiration’ images. I have been thinking about the thigh gap trend for a while. I mused that it was similiar to the Heroin Chic look that Kate Moss made popular in the fashion world when I was a young teenager. It was only when women my own age (pushing […]

April 14

Mean Girls and Slut-Shaming

This blog entry was going to be on slut-shaming and Aintree Races.It has ended up a collection of a few current thoughts. Thank you for all the views, shares and comments so far. It is an excellent tool for me to develop my research and ideas. I really do appreciate it. I am always looking […]

April 11

Plastic Doll Heads

“I am doll eyes Doll mouth, doll legs I am doll arms…” Doll Parts, Hole So here is my blog: Plastic Doll Heads. I am a complete technophobe, and not a gifted flowery writer. This may take a while. I am unsure who will read this, but I have at least 4 of my closest […]