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June 01

Lads’ Mags and Rape

There is a study being touted around Twitter as evidence that lads’ mags are harmful and should be banned (despite the researchers’ claims that censorship is not the answer) https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=_HAl_iXNGWo . The study, by Dr Miranda Horvath and Dr Peter Hegarty of The University of Surrey, was publicised in late 2011, but is being used […]

May 31

“What you doing that for?” Troubling research topics

On Friday 24th May I attended a conference at the University of Sheffield, ‘Troubling Gender: The Questions of Multiple Identities’. I particularly wanted to hear a paper by ERSC funded PhD student Lucy Binch. Lucy’s paper was her first, entitled ‘Prostitution and Identity: How Social Constructs, Stereotypes and Stigmas Impact on Women Who Choose to […]

April 20

Undergraduate short piece: Subverting Gender Norms; Nicki Minaj as Barbie

I have come across another piece I wrote at Level 6 undergraduate level, I have put a shorter version here. Hopefully this will be of use to other undergraduates or those new to Sociology. As you can see the doll theme was definitely on my mind. Any comments/ feedback/ problems (especially with my references to […]

April 16

More musings on the problems with ‘no more page 3’

My post on ‘My problem with No More Page 3’ is my most read and commented, and I have had a lot of contact via twitter. Thank you for all your reponses. Original post is here: https://plasticdollheads.wordpress.com/2013/04/12/my-problem-with-no-more-page-3/ As always, I appreciate any comments or feedback. This is great for my getting my brain whirring (even […]

April 14

Mean Girls and Slut-Shaming

This blog entry was going to be on slut-shaming and Aintree Races.It has ended up a collection of a few current thoughts. Thank you for all the views, shares and comments so far. It is an excellent tool for me to develop my research and ideas. I really do appreciate it. I am always looking […]

April 11

Plastic Doll Heads

“I am doll eyes Doll mouth, doll legs I am doll arms…” Doll Parts, Hole So here is my blog: Plastic Doll Heads. I am a complete technophobe, and not a gifted flowery writer. This may take a while. I am unsure who will read this, but I have at least 4 of my closest […]