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October 30

Request from undergraduate

My supervisor recently sent me a request from an undergraduate film student, and I have told the student in question I will share it here. If you are interested in speaking about this topic, please leave your email in a comment and I shall pass them on. “I am currently developing an idea for a […]

June 05

Education and Poverty

There has been uproar this week about Kirstie Allsopp’s comments. The first time age for mothers in the UK is already 28. We already know about the ‘fertility cliff’. A few articles responding are here, here, here and here. I felt so angry about what Kirstie said. Yes, her privilege as a baron’s daughter does […]

May 26

Plastic Doll Heads In The Media

Plastic Doll Heads in the media. BBC Report on Lap-dancing BBC Report on Aintree Races Plasticdollheads mentioned Several times in Garden of Desires My online publications are listed here Advertisements

May 14

The myth of sexual liberation

I read Jessica Valenti’s piece ‘Of course the French have better sex if our idea of sex is limited to men’s ideals’ and then the original interview ‘Are the French Better at Sex? A Discussion’. I think what they are both missing is that women can increasingly be as sexually active as they choose in […]

May 05

Pretty Hurts

So yeah, this post is inspired by the BeyoncĂ© track of the same name which is the 2014 version of 90’s anthems Unpretty by TLC, & Dear Lie by TLC. It is also inspired by Naomi Wolf’s The Beauty Myth: How Images of Beauty Are Used Against Women. For those insisting BeyoncĂ© can’t be a […]

February 26

Feminist Whores? Exploring Feminist Debates Around Violence, Sex Work & Porn

I have cut and paste the conference information below, this looks like a fantastic event with incredible speakers. The Crime and Conflict Research Centre at Middlesex University is delighted to announce this year’s annual conference theme: Feminist Whores? Exploring Feminist Debates Around Violence, Sex Work and Pornography Feminism has traditionally had an uncomfortable relationship with […]

August 28

Why you SHOULD blog about your research

An excellent post here on why you should blog about your research. Advertisements