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August 20

We Don’t Do Barbies…

I was going to write a post about #slanegirl, given that I think it is horrifying a young girl is having a drunken sexual moment buzzed around the internet and slut shamed to the point where I am worried for her wellbeing. If she is underage people are disseminating ‘child porn’. Presumably Feminist TM organisations […]

June 01

Lads’ Mags and Rape

There is a study being touted around Twitter as evidence that lads’ mags are harmful and should be banned (despite the researchers’ claims that censorship is not the answer) https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=_HAl_iXNGWo . The study, by Dr Miranda Horvath and Dr Peter Hegarty of The University of Surrey, was publicised in late 2011, but is being used […]

May 05

Bad Barbie: Farrah Abraham

Bad Barbie: Farrah Abraham Farrah Abraham is a US reality star who featured in MTV’s 16 and Pregnant, and later Teen Mom. For UK readers unfamiliar with these shows, the Daily Mail love using the cast members as stark warnings of immorality,excess, teenage pregnancy and improperly coded femininity. Farrah has recently been getting a lot […]

April 26

Authentic pleasure for women

Whilst everyone else is arguing over the colour pink, Page 3 or Beyonce, I think one of the most imperative discussions we need to have is that of sex, more specifically, the heteronormativity of sex. Why are we classing sex, or ‘real sex’ as a vagina being penetrated by a penis? This The F Word […]

April 14

Mean Girls and Slut-Shaming

This blog entry was going to be on slut-shaming and Aintree Races.It has ended up a collection of a few current thoughts. Thank you for all the views, shares and comments so far. It is an excellent tool for me to develop my research and ideas. I really do appreciate it. I am always looking […]