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October 26

Sex Work Conferences and Events 2016

Hi all, I will be updating this list. Please let me know if there are events you would like to be included. Always great to meet new researchers and catch up with familiar faces. I am on twitter @princessjack if you wish to connect. I list my papers here. 4th Postgraduate Sex Work Conference Location: […]

April 26

Sex-Trafficking and Objectifying campaigns

Human Trafficking is a hot topic, more specifically, human ‘sex-trafficking’. Many people aren’t concerned with the forced or coerced movement of people into agriculture, factories, hotel worker, but throw ‘sex’ into the title and the moral panic is ignited. Worryingly, sex work and trafficking are conflated at an alarming rate, and anti-immigration policy hides behind […]

December 31

Postgraduate Bi-Annual Sex Work Conference, January 2014

I am so excited and nervous in equal measure for this conference. It is being held at the University of Leeds on 16th January 2014 9am until 4pm, full details are here. I cannot wait to meet everyone, and hear all the different papers. I have included the draft programme below. The organisers are Dr […]

December 29

Let’s Talk About Sex…. Work Resources

I am going to keep an updated list here of useful sex work articles and links that students or anyone else interested can easily access.   Open Access Journals   Social Sciences Sex Work Edition 2017   I am going to update the list here: Decriminalisation of Sex Work– report Home Office Prostitution Inquiry Report […]

December 23

Letter to the Guardian… Sex Work

I thought my blog would be a great place to start collecting and sharing resources on sex work research and policy. I have been critical of the Guardian for some time now, so I was delighted to read this Letter to the Guardian From Sex Work Organisations and Academics. I have included an extract below: […]

December 23

Invisible Men

[Photo courtesy of Recycled Rita] You may aware of a project called Invisible Men which is frequently quoted to ‘prove’ that all sex work is harmful, and all those who purchase sexual services are abusers. Do you think all men (and it appears here only women sell sex, and only men buy…) who have ‘free’ […]

October 16

Supporting Sex Workers in Custody and Post Release event

So for those who follow my twitter, you will know I attended a fabulous event yesterday at Askham Grange prison. And for those who received messages from me saying I can’t take my phone inside as I am going to prison, (to a chorus of “it’s about time”) now you know why. It was a […]