Talk at Bloc Projects Sheffield



Yesterday I gave a performative talk at Bloc Projects in Sheffield. This was part of Alison J. Carr’s ‘Into The Spotlight’ exhibition. 

Thank you to my wonderful friend Jess who took this photograph.

I recently gave sensory guided walks for FACT in Liverpool which I blogged about here.

Yesterday was a brilliant experience, I got to meet a good twitter friend Neil, and some of the Spearmint Rhino dancers who I speak with. My friends Dan and Jess met me at the station, and I got to finally meet the wonderful Allie Carr! All the artists at Bloc Projects were lovely.

Engaging with the public is something I adore and an hour didn’t seen long enough, it flew by. The audience were respectful, inquisitive and raised lots of questions that I will seek to address in my writing soon.

The showgirl is disruptive by her very nature. She is blatant, taking up public space without apology. She commands your attention. The eye contact might make you vulnerable. She owns her body and sells you a brief portion of time, a tiny bit of access. 

I am aiming to launch my Showgirl Sociology show, and don’t want to say too much, but I have a meeting arranged regarding my first venue. The idea is having an embodied discussion about these ideas in a show format.

Thank you to everybody who came and to Allie for the opportunity.

As always, please contact me for potential collaborations.

Gemma  x