September 23

Dr Gemma Ahearne

Dr. Gemma Ahearne My main interests are the sex industry, gender, women in prison, women’s bodies, medical control of women, mental health, poverty, class, creative research methods, celebrity. I welcome contact from any prospective students or research partners. I love both research and teaching, and aim to use innovative exciting methods in both the research […]

December 29

Let’s Talk About Sex…. Work Resources

I am going to keep an updated list here of useful sex work articles and links that students or anyone else interested can easily access.   Open Access Journals   Social Sciences Sex Work Edition 2017   I am going to update the list here: Decriminalisation of Sex Work– report Home Office Prostitution Inquiry Report […]

February 15

Mental Health and Safe Care

I had an awful day yesterday where I didn’t leave my bed. Sometimes these days happen. I have been through a lot of trauma lately due to legal issues (which I can’t currently discuss) combined with friends and family being ill. Today I really wanted to just hide in bed all day but had to get […]

February 15

Barbie Craftivism 2018

So, following on from last year’s Barbie Craftvism workshop which you can view here,   it was time to do it all over again. After sending my husband out to acquire as many dolls as he could find, this was my haul.   This session is  part of  a Level 6 module called Body Politics […]

February 07


I have thought long and hard about the title of this blog post, and Convictions seemed the most relevant. Criminal convictions, religious convictions, moral convictions. My previous posts have spoken about feminist convictions and about the courage to speak up, to speak truth to power and violence. Your silence will never protect you, and the trend […]

January 18

Your silence will not protect you

My reading and writing has been greatly pained the last year, as I mentioned in my previous blog post.   Teaching and learning go hand in hand, and it is through my incredible students, colleagues and friends that I continue to be inspired. Some days over the past year it has been very hard to […]

January 08

Happy New Year 2018

Happy New Year to you all!   I have just had 2 weeks of annual leave with zero work, and I feel motivated and refreshed. Never feel guilty having time off.   I have been quiet of late due to some legal issues I am going through. I will be able to talk, (and write!) […]

November 06

Sex at Leeds Beckett

Well that got your attention! My lovely friend Lauren Smith who is a Ph.D researcher and part time lecturer at Leeds Beckett University needs your help. There is a facebook page for more research information, and you can find Lauren on twitter @Mowsi4. Even if you can’t take part in the study, please share widely, […]

October 16

Me too

I don’t owe you my story The chapped pages belong to me alone And my body remains here Silent Vigilant Dormant She owes you no explanation And no apology Whether it be the stripper dress, sickly sweet drenched skin Under unforgiving neon lights Revealing war torn furniture and beer bottles cast aside Or the pre-pubescent […]