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October 30

Request from undergraduate

My supervisor recently sent me a request from an undergraduate film student, and I have told the student in question I will share it here. If you are interested in speaking about this topic, please leave your email in a comment and I shall pass them on. “I am currently developing an idea for a […]

November 18

Exploration of the Experiences of UK Adult Film Performers- Ph.D funding

Please check out this ad for a fully funded Ph.D studentship at Liverpool John Moores University, under Dr Conan Leavey, one of my old supervisors. The deadline is Friday 5th December 2014, and the start date is January 2015. I am very envious of this project, and can recommend both the university and the supervisor. […]

March 29

Filth Caves and Vulgar Peverted Masses

An Object supporter on twitter this week called lap-dancing venues ‘Filth Caves’ which I found fascinating. I have reproduced this from the 29.03.14 edition of the Daily Mail. It is correspondence between a concerned reader and ‘Agony Aunt’ Bel Mooney. It represents beautifully the Mary Whitehouse ideas that are parroted wholesale by many in the […]

March 16

Stop The Panics of ‘Porn Culture’

In the wake of the Stop Porn Culture website I read this article: Porn Stars And Prostitutes Picket Anti-Porn Conference A comment under the piece got me thinking: “There is nothing intrinsically wrong with paying for sex, or porn, anymore that there is anything intrinsicallyy wrong in charging people for food, water, clothing, or a […]

January 31

Call for papers! Sexed Spaces

I am very excited to announce our call for papers. The deadline for abstracts is very tight, 11th February, so please do share widely and contact us for any extra information. The Royal Geographical Conference website is here 26th to 29th August 2014, held at Imperial College London. We aim for this to be a […]

December 19

The Dangers of Porn and the Sexualization Report

[Photo courtesy of Joetta Maue] Today I read this piece in the New Statesman “I got it wrong…”, and was particularly interested in Sarah Ditum’s contribution. I made a comment on twitter, and Sarah responded, and we had a small debate. My main problem with the piece is that Sarah falls foul of something I […]

December 07

Lap dancing closures in Leeds

Photo courtesy of this blog post about the club closures. Blog updated to include Prof Phil Hubbard’s post. I am absolutely horrified and furious to read the news that 3 lap-dancing clubs in Leeds must close. I have been following the activities online for over 12 months, here and here. My thoughts are with the […]