Let’s Talk About Sex…. Work Resources


I am going to keep an updated list here of useful sex work articles and links that students or anyone else interested can easily access.


Open Access Journals


Social Sciences Sex Work Edition 2017

Decriminalisation of Sex Work– report

Home Office Prostitution Inquiry Report

From Law Enforcement to Protection?

Amnesty International Policy on Sex Work


Documentaries and Videos

BBC Stories- Spearmint Rhino debate

Holly Madison ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’

The Regulatory Dance

Normal- Film by Professor Nick Mai

Travel- Film by Professor Nick Mai

Samira- Film by Professor Nick Mai

Lies, Damn Lies and Misrepresented Statistics- National Ugly Mugs

Prostitution What’s The Harm?

Prostitution- Red Light, Green Light? John Waite investigates the varying approaches to street prostitution across the UK – from open tolerance in some areas to zero tolerance in others

Hate Crimes and Prostitution. Should attacks on sex workers be treated as hate crimes?



COVID-19 and sex workers


COVID-19 and online sex work


National Ugly Mugs


National Police Lead for Prostitution: Why enforcement of anti-prostitution laws should be a last resort

Ugly Mugs Scheme

London sex workers ‘fear dangerous city’


Merseyside Model

Merseyside model for tackling crime against sex workers


World Health Organisation (WH0) stance

New WHO guidelines to better prevent HIV in sex workers


The Lancet stance

HIV and sex workers

‘Decriminalise prostitution’: Top medical journal Lancet calls for global action to protect sex workers from HIV




Jailing of migrant sex workers in Ireland

Law ‘punishes prostitutes who live together’

Police Could Stop Raiding Brothels

Online censorship is making sex work more dangerous

Under the threat of new laws UK sex workers fear for their safety

If sex workers can’t advertise online it will force them on the street

Law sex and the city


Sex Work Ideologies and Nordic Model


Review of the criminalization of paying for sex in NI

Full Report on impact of ‘Nordic Model’ in France (in English) 

What the Swedish Model Gets Wrong about Prostitution

Sorry, UK Sex Work Protesters, There’s No Such Thing as a ‘Pimp Lobby’ – Frankie Mullin

Sex work in the UK: Just what would decriminalising prostitution mean?
This week, an article in the Economist reignited the debate around legalising prostitution in the UK. Here, Dr Brooke Magnanti explores what decriminalisation would look like and says that we’re long overdue a rethink of workers’ rights

Why We Need to Decriminalize Sex Work- Dr Laura Connelly

British politicians need to support sex workers

Listen to sex workers – we can explain what decriminalisation would mean

I Represent Sex Workers Because Sex Work Is Work And Sex Workers Are People

Sex Worker Open University- World Health Organization (WHO) The World Health Organization recommends tackling violence against sex workers through rejecting ‘rescue’ approaches, calling on states to: “Reject interventions based on the notion of rescue and rehabilitation. Even when ostensibly focused on minors (who are not sex workers), such raids deprive sex workers of their agency (the choice, control and power to act for themselves) and increase the likelihood that they will experience violence (p25).”

Tough or tolerant? Scotland turns up heat on prostitution debate Prostitutes have their say in criminalisation v legalisation debate as Edinburgh police step up raids on saunas

17 December: International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers- Edinburgh Violence Against Women Partnership supporting Edinburgh brothel raids

A Swedish Sex Work Talks about Criminalisation- Great clip

A Victory for Mary Honeyball But a Defeat for Human Rights, Evidence-Based Policy and Dignified Political Debate -Alex Bryce- National Ugly Mugs

The Swedish Model Criminalising the Purchase of Sex Is Dangerous: The European Parliament Should Have Rejected It -Ruth Jacobs

Sex and the Limits of Enlightenment- Dr Laura Agustin

Dr Jay Levy, Researcher and Consultant, discusses the outcomes of the criminalisation of the purchase of sex in Sweden

Newsnight debate about criminalising clients of sex work

If Europe votes for the ‘Swedish model’ on prostitution, women will be at risk
Whether you criminalise buyers or criminalise sellers, the impact on sex workers is the same. It’s time for a truce in this debate Diane Taylor

To legalize or decriminalize prostitution (and everything else)?

Northern Ireland: 98% of sex workers oppose new law criminalising clients- Survey finds majority of sex industry workers not in favour of ‘Swedish model’ law targeting consumers rather than workers

560 NGOs and 70 researchers demand Members of European Parliament to reject Ms Honeyball report

Prostitution: MEP wants to outlaw paying for sex in UK

Open letter to Mary Honeyball MEP concerning prostitution and sexual exploitation of women

Letter to the Guardian From Sex Work Organisations and Academics

Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network Briefing Papers ‘Sex Work Law Reform in Canada: Considering problems with the Nordic model’

Report on prostitution laws in the European Union- how sociologist Daniela Danna was treated by abolitionists

May-Len Skilbrei and Charlotta Holmström – London School Of Economics‘The ‘Nordic model’ of prostitution law is a myth’

Former sex worker and activist Ruth Jacobs ‘Every Sex Worker Deserves Safety’

Professor Graham Scambler Sex Work Today: Myths, Morals and Health

Wendy Lyon ‘What is a “representative” sex worker?’ -How statistics are manipulated

Dr Belinda Brooks-Gordon ‘Campaigners for sex workers face bullying and bad data’

10 Things You Need to Know Before You Support the Swedish Model of Sex Work

Nine ‘Enduring (the) Myths: Sex Work, Decriminalisation and the Nordic Model’

Sex Worker and Activist Jemima ‘Sex workers rights are Human Rights; and The Canadian Supreme Court agrees’

Overturn US anti-prostitution pledge to support sex workers and combat HIV
-Supreme court must put public health above ‘misguided moralism’ and end Pepfar policy that stigmatises sex workers

An amazingly in-depth blog on how dissenting voices are dealt with by ‘anti sex industry’ ‘feminists’ ‘NWC2013: write-up & some opinions’

One Former Prostitute in Cape Town, Two NGOs Battling Over How to Help Her How should society deal with prostitution? by Rosie

Spinks (illustrates ideologies of sex work in action)

Sex workers’ rights are more than about ‘happy hookers’


Balancing the debate

Sex Work Isn’t Consensual Or Exploitative—It Can Be Both


Lord Morrow’s ‘Human Trafficking and Exploitation Bill’

Northern Ireland’s Criminalisation of Buying Sex Puts Sex Workers at Risk- Ruth Jacobs

Northern Ireland: 98% of sex workers oppose new law criminalising clients
Survey finds majority of sex industry workers not in favour of ‘Swedish model’ law targeting consumers rather than workers


Gillen Review May 2019



The online campaign to replace ‘prostitute’ with ‘sex worker’



Prostitutes face Hessle Road ban as residents tell of sex on windowsills and in gardens

The policing of sex work in West Yorkshire: An interview with Rosie Campbell OBE


Ruth Jacobs- Criminalising clients puts people working on-street in greater danger and forced ‘exiting’ does not work

Sex at the Margins- Dr Laura Agustin


Soho Raids


Closure of Soho brothels raises risks for women, says local priest
Police operation condemned with claims that it will ‘push sex workers back on to the streets

Bordello backlash: First appeals fail against Soho brothel closures

Rupert Everett in defence of prostitutes: ‘There is a land grab going on’

Soho police raids show why sex workers live in fear of being ‘rescued’
Breaking into our places of work and throwing us out on to the street is not saving sex workers from trafficking. It’s a violation

Soho sex workers protest against forced evictions in London red light district
Demonstrators gather outside office of one of the main property owners in the area calling for them to stand up to the police

Soho sex workers protest against evictions – video


Hull street sex crackdown


Hull crackdown on prostitution ‘going well’ police say



China Cracks Down on Prostitution



In Thailand- US evangelicals work to end prostitution




Nigerian Sex Workers Demand Recognition, Say Sex Is Job Too




The feminist and the sex worker: Lessons from the Indian experience – Srilatha Batliwala

Sex Workers Demand Basic Rights


New Zealand


The Impact of the Prostitution Reform Act on the Health and Safety Practices of Sex Workers Lisa Fitzgerald &
Cheryl Brunton



How Canada’s anti-immigration laws make migrant sex workers’ lives more dangerous


South Africa


Why Should South Africa Decriminalise Sex Work


Arizona, USA, Project Rose


Project ROSE Is Arresting Sex Workers in Arizona to Save Their Souls

Support Monica Jones and De-fund Project ROSE

Project Rose as ‘rescue’

Project ROSE Offers Sex Workers a Choice: Church or Prison?

Project Rose: Arizona Sex Workers Forced to Choose Between Prison and Church

‘I Have a Right to My Own Body’: How Project ROSE Tries to ‘Save’ Sex Workers

Sex Work Wars: Project ROSE, Monica Jones and the Fight for Human Rights

Project Rose: AZ waging war on sex-traffickers, or just a War on Sex? plus good 10 min video



Paying the price: sex workers in prison and stigma

Between lap dancing and academia

The sex worker stigma: How the law perpetuates our hatred (and fear) of prostitutes

Sex as Work and Sex Work – Dr Laura Agustin

Student sex worker tool kit

Student sex workers and negotiations of stigma

Stigma decrim and violence

BBC mistreating sex workers

Research Summary Student Sex Work Project

Students selling sex, marketization, higher education and consumption


Sex Worker Voices


Sex workers are the experts and their voices must be heard

The Economist-Interview with a sex worker A job like any other

Let’s call sex work what it is- work

The Economist- More Bang for Your Buck

Listen to sex workers – you’ll realise we have a lot to say about labour rights
Sex workers work because we have needs and desires in life: food, shelter, the everyday costs associated with living. We are members of the communities in which we work and live – Jane Green

SWOU at Edinburgh Reclaim The Night

In defence of paying for a dominatrix. Sex is a basic human need, and kink my speciality. Doing it as a job is not miserable, but necessary, joyous and beautiful

‘Nothing for us without us’: sex workers the decision-makers in new fund
The Red Umbrella Fund is the first global grant-making mechanism to give sex workers influence over initiatives

Indian sex workers are a shining example of women’s empowerment
As the alternative Aids summit in Kolkata has shown, society should start treating women who work in the industry with respect instead of disgust

Sex workers march for rights and Aids awareness in Kolkata – in pictures

Fight against HIV empowering sex workers in India, says UN Aids envoy

The Right’s Bogus Sex Work Stance-Taking Power Away From Women- – Melissa Gira Grant

Some People Enjoy Being Prostitutes… Get Over It – Kitty Stryker

Demonizing Sex Work Harms Sex Workers

With no career prospects and a pile of student debt, I thought prostitution was the easy way out

Duke porn star: naive sex slave or feminist? Knox deserves the backlash

Surviving sex work on the streets





Playing the Whore- Stigma- Melissa Gira Grant



Professor Nick Mai ‘Only a minority of UK sex workers have been trafficked’

Miscounting human trafficking and slavery- Professor Ronald Weitzer

Fantasies of tattooed trafficking victims obscure the real problem- Professor Julia O’Connell Davidson

The High Cost of Cheap Clothes- Cambodia’s aggressive anti-trafficking campaign is designed to rescue and rehabilitate sex workers. But many women say authorities in Cambodia are actually forcing them into a trade where conditions and pay are even worse: making clothing for Western brands.

Dirty Tricks- Is the anti-prostitution lobby inflating sex-trafficking stats?

Choice on offer in brothels not consistent with sex trafficking
– Professor Julia O’Connell Davidson

So These Sex Workers Walk Into A Human Trafficking Conference: Red Umbrella Project at the Toledo International Human Trafficking Conference

Professor Megan Rivers-Moore- But What About Trafficking?

Norwegian ban on buying sex affects immigrant women
With increased focus on human trafficking fighting prostitution has become a higher status issue in the police force. But the police do not go after prostitution as such; they go after prostitutes with an immigrant background – Dr Synnøve Økland Jahnsen

Research shows that minor sex trafficking narratives do not reflect the experience of many domestic sex workers

Jessica Templeman- Dancing in a Dangerous Time: Canada’s Treatment of Foreign Strippers

Red mist obscures red light statistics Campaigners too readily accept inflated figures for trafficked women, but we must base our policy on evidence, not emotion- Dr Belinda Brooks-Gordon

Somaly Mam pays high price for trafficking in untruth

How not to talk about trafficking

Sex Work Is Work: Exploding the ‘Sex Trafficking’ Myth

Authorities recorded 48 cases of human trafficking in 2012 – interesting comments too from Wendy Lyon and others

Wendy Lyon ‘The EU report on trafficking in human beings’

University of Cambridge ‘Trafficked Women In UK Prisons Have No Support Or Protection, University Of Cambridge Report Finds’ -note that trafficking does not automatically equal ‘sex’ trafficking

‘Dancing on the edge – The dance bars of Kathmandu – where women shimmy to Bollywood-style tunes – have a dark reputation. But for many performers they are a path out of poverty. Alana Rosenbaum reports’.

‘Everything You Think You Know About Cambodian Sex Workers Is Wrong’

Professor Ronald Weitzer Myths About Human Trafficking

Cheryl Overs ‘Willing Brides and Consenting Homosexuals ? : why we must unite against the trafficking paradigm’

The Mythical Invasion of the Super Bowl Hookers- Maggie McNeill

Anti-slavery teams to be introduced at UK airports- Anti Immigration?


Debunking Myths

Melissa Gira Grant’s Playing The Whore – An Alternative Perspective – critique of the Sarah Ditum piece

Miscounting human trafficking and slavery Professor Ronald Weitzer

Problems with the Stop the Traffik campaign

The average age of entry into prostitution is NOT 13

UK porn stars fight back


Sex Work


Dr Brooke Magnanti blog and resource page

Sex Workers and Gender Online


Porn and Sexualisation


A new wave of reckoning is sweeping the porn industry

Antiporn Land- Tales from the Stop Porn Culture conference 2014

Slut-shaming and the Duke porn star: how can a lone woman still be heard?
Sex workers have long been shamed, but this social media moment has created a new kind of scarlet letter
– Nichi Hodgson

Edited by Professor Feona Attwood, Clare Bale and Dr Meg Barker – The Sexualization Report

Yasmin Nair- ‘When XXX Doesn’t Mark the Spot What censoring online porn means for queer youth (and everyone else)’

Ethical sluts and “dirty whores”: Straight talk about sex work

‘Has sex-positive feminism, despite its victories, forgotten that sex work is actually work, and often quite brutal?’

Dr Clarissa Smith- Sex Work debate (25mins in- 35 mins)


Lap dancing

The Regulatory Dance

Navigating stigma and academia

Stripping and campaigning

Sheffield strip club keeps licence despite feminist opposition

Open letter- renew the licence for Spearmint Rhino

Sex workers condemn the feminists filming them naked without consent

The rise and fall of lap dancing

BBC Stories- video- stripping

Robot Strips – Great resource illustrating the power dynamics of the strip club. The women are performing a service vested in emotional labour, as are many service workers. Men often get angry because they have to pay to access what they believe they should get for free.

Speaking of Books: Judith Hanna on “The Naked Truth: Strip Clubs, Democracy and a Christian Right”

A lap-dancer responds to negative comments

Open Letter To Journalists- It’s called Neo-liberalism Stupid- Dr Kate Hardy

Frankie Mullin- Strippers are not the problem – they’re just doing a job
Strippers are paid for a service, much like the rest of us. Legislating to close down clubs is not helpful

A Stripper Writes to Object

The Lap-dancers who find it hard to leave

Thinking critically about strip club research

Precarious labour and disposable bodies


Web camming


The truth about web cam models


Only Fans


How Only Fans has changed sex work forever

Only Fans is cutting referrals because so many people are signing up

The porn page that has the world hooked

Is Only Fans deleting sex workers accounts?

Only Fans during the pandemic

Irish model talks about Only Fans

Only Fans, Influencers and the politics of selling nudes during a pandemic




The sex worker stigma: How the law perpetuates our hatred (and fear) of prostitutes – Dr Laura Agustin

The Average age of entry into prostitution is NOT 13



Kent Police ‘Safe Exit’ Scheme Claiming to Help Women in Prostitution Instead Caused Them Harm
-great clips also

Breaking Down the Barriers: How Women Exit Prostitution


Child Abuse

Beaten, raped and locked in cage by paedophiles at the age of 9 – India’s modern day slaves


Regulation of women


Black women’s sexuality has always been overpoliced
The actor Danièle Watts was handcuffed last week after a public display of affection. The incident brings up a long and tortured history about the ways in which black female bodies are perceived

If a black woman in Hollywood can’t kiss her white husband in public, have we gotten anywhere on interracial love?
The police transformed actress Danièle Watts into a prostitute. You call this progress?

Would Daniele Watts have been arrested if she was a white woman, or a black man?
It’s dangerous to be black in America full stop, but being a woman as well means you face both racism and misogyny

Women In New York Are Getting Arrested For Carrying Condoms

Carrying Condoms Can Get You Arrested For Prostitution

The Policy That Keeps Prostitutes From Carrying and Using Condoms